Quick HTML Color Picker 1.0

Quick HTML Color Picker 1.0: A free color picker tool to pick screen color to RGB and HTML format. Quick HTML Color Picker is a free Windows color picker tool. With Quick HTML Color Picker, you can easily pick any color from the screen. You can preview the color, use mouse or keyboard to select the color you wanted, and get the color in RGB and HTML format. You can cancel a capture by "Esc" key or right-clicking. Supports saving html color value to clipboard automatically. And it`s totally free!

Color Picker ActiveX Control 1.5: The component is provides facilities to work with RGB, HSL, CMYK color models.
Color Picker ActiveX Control 1.5

Color Picker ActiveX Control is an ActiveX component that includes one dialog. It provides facilities to select from most popular three color models like RGB (Red/Green/Blue), HSB (Hue/Saturation/Brightness) and CMYK (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Black). The Color Picker dialog box, allows you to select a very specific shade, either by visually choosing it or by defining the color numerically. In addition you can choose from 138 predefined colors.

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Lunch Picker 3.2: Lunch Picker is designed to save you endless discussions over where to eat.
Lunch Picker 3.2

Picker is designed to save you or your work staff the endless discussions over where to eat lunch. Lunch Picker randomly selects a restaurant for you from multiple restaurants that you enter. It has a payment option that tells Lunch Picker to only choose restaurants that accept certain payment types, it allows you to select restaurants that are within a certain price range, and it allows you to assign cuisine types and limit the available restaurants

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Color Picker Pro 1.0: Professional color picker with interactive zoom tool.
Color Picker Pro 1.0

Picker Pro is a professional tool that will let you pick one or several colors anywhere on your screen with a single mouse click. Featuring 2 capture modes, interactive zoom tool that magnifies portions of the screen, 20+ color formats (HTML, VC++, Visual Basic, etc.), 10+ color spaces (HSB, CMYK, XYZ, Lab, etc.), and 15+ color variations (Inversion, Complement, Desaturation, etc.), Color Picker Pro is one of the most advanced color pickers on the

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Peacock Color Picker 2.0.0: Professional Color Picker With A Difference
Peacock Color Picker 2.0.0

Picker is a professional color picking tool designed to offer ease-of-use in combination with a lot of powerful and advanced features. (See how it looks on your computer.) This product was developed keeping programmers, web designers, and graphic designers in mind. Peacock Color Picker allows you to choose any color from the 16,581,375 colors available on your computer screen. And thanks to the built-in zooming feature, you can pinpoint the exact

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Xcess Colorpicker.Net 1.6.0: Xcess ColorPicker is .NET web server control, Visual colors selection.
Xcess Colorpicker.Net 1.6.0

Xcess ColorPicker is .NET web server control, It can be used on ASP.NET WebForms for adding visual color selection to your web forms by simply dragging the control from your ToolBox, It can be very useful for customization screens to allow users to specify what colors they would like to see. Real time preview, HTML fore color and back color picker and tuner. Access to the hex value or the rvb values.

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JDatePicker 4.3: JDatePicker is a suite of profesional date components for Swing
JDatePicker 4.3

JDatePicker is a suite of date components for Swing, highly appreciated by Java developers for its richness of features, configurability and well crafted API. It contains an editable date picker, a date/time field, a multiple month calendar and a month component. It also provides a date cell editor for JTable components. The components can be internationalized, have support for mouse and keyboard and can be used with any look and feel.

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